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Culinary Innovations Team

The Culinary Innovations Team

Front row: Jessica Gordon, Laura Hagen
Back row: Dave Zino, Shenoa French, Kristin Ledgerwood, Debra Baughman, Steve Wald

The Beef Culinary Innovations Team, funded by The Beef Checkoff, is dedicated to providing consumers and food professionals with reliable, applicable, comprehensive beef and veal information that’s easy to understand and utilize. Of course, it’s no secret that consumers crave the unique flavor of beef, so the team is also focused on maximizing its appeal and ensuring processors, operators and retailers are providing the best tasting beef to their customers – whether it’s a in a retail convenience product or on an upscale restaurant menu.

The Beef Culinary Innovations Team is based locally at The Beef Culinary Innovation Center in Centennial, Colorado and out-of-state in Chicago, Illinois. The team constantly monitors the latest food trends and uses this knowledge to conduct cookery research, develop recipes and test new products that are relevant to today’s beef users. In addition, the Beef Culinary Innovation Center staff manages multiple other projects that include work in current product knowledge, new product ideation, development, showcasing, evaluations and tastings, tradeshow product showcases, competitive product reviews, strategic consumer recipe development, professional food photography, extensive recipe and photography library, and recipe contest assistance and judging.

The Center itself is the facility for the industry to "showcase" its products to beef and veal producers, industry leadership, state beef councils/affiliates, and industry influencers and partners. The Center is also responsible for catering, featuring program recipes, industry meetings, and staff education programs.
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