Trend (noun) - an inclination in a particular direction


Food and culinary trends are covered in media all over the world. Notable chefs and industry professionals may invent, follow and/or predict trends seemingly out of the blue – but often these trends resurface as something similar but just slightly different than the trends we grew up with. The economy, too, can have a profound effect on whether a trend takes off or dies a slow death because a majority of food and culinary trends will thrive if consumers are interested and willing to spend money.

Molecular gastronomy is really just chemistry in the kitchen. Offal is just the parts of the animal that folks in the U.S. may have previously cringed to eat (the nose to tail philosophy). A food truck is just a gourmet version of the truck that came (and still comes) to workplaces for breakfast and lunch options. At the core of all of these trends is a simple idea – and anything is possible.

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