A Guide to Beef Flavor

Why do we eat what we eat? Aside from nutrition and convenience, our food choices are driven by likes, dislikes and sometimes cravings. And when it comes to beef, it’s all about cravings. Beef’s flavor is the #1 reason why Americans choose beef at home and at restaurants.

Beef’s popularity in a global America is alive and well. But how can the food industry capitalize on that popularity? Review the content of this guide. As food and industry experts, you are uniquely qualified to make beef even more enjoyable and expand its use for consumers by creating better-tasting beef products, recipes and menu items. Our goal is to help you do just that.

Click on the subject matter to the left of this introduction.  You’ll soon discover how you can "create the crave" that satisfies consumers’ desire for great-tasting, innovative beef dishes. 


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